Saturday, November 26, 2011

"this moon will always be the same size as yours, half a world away"

Sometimes, it's nice to have someone like you. Even if you know it's a mostly surface level of liking. Even if it's someone you know you'll never be with (because you don't quite like him back! Whoops). But sometimes it's nice to know someone thinks you're pretty, and says that you've got the deepest blue eyes he's ever seen. *roll of the eyes/sigh*
I'm not an aggressive person. I generally have a hard time saying no to people. But when it comes to the things that really matter, I have quite a strong footing. I know what I want at least when it comes to guys, so in that category, it takes a lot for me to waver. I know that I want, no, need a strong, godly, missionary of a husband who only ever pushes me forward in my relationship with God, not pull me back from Him. And sorry, guys, I'm not looking for a hot date, I'm looking for a husband. (That usually scares them away ;)
Now, I've never had a boyfriend. I've never had any guy show serious interest in me, and I used to have the whole "what the heck??" attitude about it. But ya know, I am so thankful for it now, because it's only been for the past year or so that I've been so sure of what I'm looking for when it comes to my future husband: a good, courageous man who makes me smile and laugh, who's strong and protective, yet silly and sweet. A man who'll sing me to sleep, even if he's got a terrible voice ;) A man who cherishes children, and gives them a place in his heart. A man who'll stay up all night with me to watch Disney movies and color. ;) A man who makes me feel safe, and who loves God with all of his heart. He is who I'm waiting for.
And I mean, think about it: did Aurora have a ton of boyfriends before she met Philip? Was Cinderella the girl all the boys were after before she met the prince? Did Snow White date around before she met Prince Charming? Nah ;)
See, my Father's a king, and therefore, I'm automatically a princess. And I'm waiting for the prince that my Daddy's got picked out for me. So, sorry boys...I'm indirectly, in a weird, slightly confusing way, already taken.


  1. this was lovely. i know exactly what you mean. i always say my husband is going to come to me. my mom says he's going to be absolutely ecstatic to be with me. and that's how i'll know he's the one. for me, it's so easy to say no. i've been asked out so many times, and the times where's he's being a jerk, i just say flat out "no" and leave. because i'm not wasting my time with that. anywho, loved this. love you, dearie :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Aw..... thank you. I needed that. I'm a bit younger than you are, but even now the lack of a "boyfriend" and stuff sometimes...... gets to me. Not in an irritating way, but a "doesn't anyone love me?" ridiculous sort of way.

    But what you said reminded me of everything I need to know. Thanks sweetheart. I've been greatly encouraged and cheered <3

  3. awesome!!!!! love it=D
    ♥Alli =)

  4. Aww "my father's a king, so I'm a princess"... so sweet! And true :) Such a lovely post, I completely understand where you're coming from!

  5. Loovely post! It was very inspiring.

  6. Woowoo! Awesome post girly! :)
    We are all princesses.

  7. Oh my gosh we are both looking for the same guy! I've never had a boyfriend, I did have one guy who had an interest in me but I knew he wasn't the one. It's nice to hear other girls go through this :) Great post!


  8. this is such a beautiful post, Lauren.

    amen, sister <3


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