Monday, December 5, 2011

in which I'm like, a total downer.

(In case you wonder, the pictures in this post have NOTHING to do with what's written. Well, except the one. You'll figure it out.)
~It's impossible for me to live my life without trying to please everyone around me. Of course, that doesn't mean that if you're my friend trying to get me to do something "bad", I'm going to do it to make you happy. Nah. But if you're my friend, and you want me to wear a $200 dress that is anything but flattering on me in your wedding, I just can't say no. Even if I end up in tears over it. Because I want you to be happy.
Every once in a while I wish I were the kind of jerky person who'd be all like "Hellooo, I am NOT a size 2, that dress is not made for me!!!" but no. I accept it. I smile. I mean, who cares, right? I'll just stop eating, and start exercising for the next 5 months, constantly. That way I'm not completely disgusting.
*sigh* One more $200 bridesmaid dress I shall be crying over. I'm so vain sometimes it makes me sick.
Oh gosh. I'm gonna end up like that girl in "27 Dresses" who has 27 ridiculous bridesmaid dresses in her closet, who's pining after a guy who doesn't love her, and who ends up singing "Benny and the Jets" in a bar in the middle of nowhere after her car breaks down. Oh, no, please no!

~I expect too much from everyone around me. I really do. I mean, I give and give and give...why should you give anything in return? You shouldn't. Really. It's too much to ask.

~I love you so, my Harry, and my David. Please, please don't get rid of me once the season's over. I will be devastated. Thus, this little blurb will be the last I think about the possibility of you letting me go. I can hardly bear the thought.

~Rain, rain, rain, rain. Please. Your time has come and gone. It's snow's turn to stop in for a while. So rain, rain, please go away? Come back in a few months?

~Once Upon a Time is absolutely, positively my new favorite show. I don't think there's ever been a show that I waited for week after week like this one. It's just so romantic. *sigh*. Prince Charming is just so...Prince Charming. Brought to life! Be still my heart.

~The dog is creepishly watching me from the landing on the stairs...her eyes are like, staring into my soul...I think this is my cue to go to bed. Good night world. May tomorrow be a brighter, more optimistic day!


  1. I. LOVE. ONCEUPONATIME. seriously. and this post? perfection. seriously. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Love the picture in this post. I'm feeling a bit similar to you actually. :/

  3. hey! i totally LOVE THIS POST & your blog! :)
    check out mine?


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