Friday, November 11, 2011

six Irish creams and four sugars later...

~I've never been much for coffee. Too bitter for me. But yesterday, a coworker introduced me to cream and sugar, and I proceeded to drink 6 or 7 relatively small cups of Vermont Maple coffee (yum! Thank you Harry & David!). So tonight, I'm craving it. I mean, it was incredible. So I make my aunt take me to Sheetz and show me how to get coffee. What do I do? I get a large. Why? Because I'm gluttonous, and the medium and small just looked so tiny. So then we go back home and I drink the entire thing, thinking "Pffft it won't affect me!". Well, well, well. First came the giggles. Then the calm (just long enough to drive home though). Then I started breathing funny. Now I've got this horrible crampy stomach ache, and my chest feels odd. Not to mention I'm feeling very awake. At 11:40 at night. Aye aye aye. So guys and dolls, what is the lesson learned here?
1. When exposing yourself to new foods and beverages that contain ingredients that you're not used to, and therefore will most likely definitely affect you, don't start out with a large.
2. Don't use Google for medical questions. Because then you find articles about caffeine overdosing that list "death" as one of the symptoms, and then you're afraid to go to sleep. Stupid Google.

~Guess what!! Icy roads are back in season!! Woohoo! No. But hey, at least ice pretty much terrifies me, and thus I become a superbly cautious driver, and thus shall I avoid ever getting caught for speeding ;)

~Did I tell you my aunt Abby had her baby???? Her 5th boy! Nathan Isaiah is his name, and he's got loads of beautiful hair! Ah, babies. I love 'em. Except, newborns make me nervous...they're so fragile! I wonder if when you have a baby of your own, you just automatically go into motherly mode and skip the nervousness part? Hmm. I guess I'll find out someday! (At least, hopefully! ;)

~Have any of ya'll caught that new show "Once Upon a Time"? It's like Disney movies come to life. :) Kind of...I'm excited for this week's episode. It's about Cinderella! Hehehe ;D

~So you remember how I had three jobs? Well, now it's only 2. See, here's the story. 3 schedules are VERY easy to overlap. So of course, this happened, and the one day I go into Yankee Candle and see on the schedule that every shift they've scheduled me overlaps with something else, because I didn't get my other schedules into the Yankee manager soon enough. So one of the assistant managers comes back and without thinking too much about it, I say "I think I'm going to have to quit", and before I know it, the other assistant manager who's there has me writing my resignation notice for the main manager! And so it was.
But I didn't feel good about it. And I thought to myself, "I really do NOT like the maternity store. At all. Maybe I should quit there and see if Yankee will take me back?" But I knew I couldn't do that, because Motherhood was giving me the hours. So I go into Yankee on Monday (I quit on Saturday) to talk to the manager about my conflicting schedule, and she's wonderful. Telling me how sad she was to see me go, and that if I ever saw them on the job board, to go in and she would rehire me. But she did ask me to work on Black Friday evening because she'd had 3 other people quit. Now I love this manager. I feel more loyal to her than the other two, so of course I say yes. Now, I work at Harry and David on Black Friday as well, so thats from 8 in the morning to 10 at night in all that I work. And I will NOT work 24 hours straight. Too much for me! So I go in to Motherhood, the store I really don't like, and tell that manager that I can't work Black Friday. She immediately tells me that I need to give her my two week notice. So she fired me, but officially, I quit.
So I scurry back over to Yankee Candle (with a huge smile on my face; I love Yankee, and didn't want to give it up!), and ask the manager to take me back. Thank goodness, she said yes!
It worked out so perfectly that it can only be a gift from God Himself! So now I'm done to 2 jobs, but both jobs that I like! *sigh of happiness*

~By the way, Christmas is only like, a month and a half away. Eeep! :D :D :D
Oh yeah, and it snowed today. *sigh* :)


  1. Okay, your coffee drama cracked me up.

    About newborns- they scare me too..... motherhood is a topic of much fear for me :P

    And I'm so glad things worked out so well for your jobs and all!! :D

    You and your blog make me happy.

    Thanks love <3

  2. BRING. ME. YOUR. SNOW. this was such a hilarious post. i'm not much for coffee either, but i've never done what you did. this was just so funny. "stupid google". bahahaha!!
    -jocee <3

  3. Coffeeee!! Haha I'm a huge coffee drinker!

    Lol at google!

  4. I watched the first episode of "Once" and it was pretty cool! Have you seen Grimm? It's also about fairy tales, but a lot darker. I love the little boy dressed as the man from Up! So cute! :)

  5. I love that BABY! :)
    He is the little old man off UP! :D

    And mmm... Coffee- I'm addicted- I dream about it. ;)


  6. LOVE this post!
    it is filled with so many sweet things!(:
    xxo. Jazzie

  7. Adorable! I especially love the one about "Justice Beaver..." I saw that episode of The Office and it was hilarious!

    xoxo Miss ALK


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