Sunday, January 15, 2012

I am such a failure at thinking up clever post titles. Dagnabbit.

~So remember that other wedding I got asked to be in? Well, we went dress shopping! And this was the chosen dress. That there is my color, purple storm; the one girl is wearing light purple, and the other is wearing a vibrant teal blue. Interesting color scheme, eh? ;) Anyways, suprisingly enough, I actually like this dress. I am NOT a strapless kind of girl. At all. Whatsoever. But I don't mind it on this dress too much. We'll see how it fits though when I get it. I'll have to get it altered of course...I'm 3 very different sizes so we had to go with the biggest size which will make it fit funny everywhere else, and so we'll have to work at it to fix it...I'm just not thinking about all of that yet. Ya know? Too much stress ;D

~Our work Christmas party was tonight (yes, on January 15th). It was pleasant enough :) My aunt Emily was my date, of course. Hehee. Everyone else brings their boyfriends, I bring my aunt. It's how we roll ;D
By the way, they had great cupcakes. Mmm.

~So I've been on Pinterest quite a bit lately. It's fun :) My favorite part is the crafty stuff though! Goodness, I must have a hundred things that I've decided I WILL do at some point! Speaking of, it did inspire me to do the whole Bible verse on canvas thing...can we just say I'm a messy person? Blue paint everywhere. I finished at like 2 in the morning, with paint ALL over my hands and arms (how it got there, I don't know), I go look in the mirror and it's all over my face and neck, I got it on my Bible cover. But my end result was pretty cool. It has glitter on it ;D

Pinned Image
~Football is far beyond too stressful for me. Truly. Last night, I was nauseous and jittery for the whole first half of the Broncos game. Then for the second half, I was just baffled (it was so bad). But it was too much work. I actually think I may have like, sprained the muscles in my shoulders from being too tense. Gah. I need to lighten up!

~Going to a bridal shop is a lovely experience. I thought I was going to burst out crying while we were there a good way, of course ;) If there is such a thing. It's just such a happy place. Although, I've no idea how I'll ever be able to choose a wedding dress...they're all so beautiful!

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~Okay, speaking of football, can I just throw this out there and say that for the most part, I so much prefer Tim Tebow with his shirt on than off? I'm sorry, but shirtless guys are just...I don't know. You know? Does this make me weird? Is this inappropriate for me to be talking about on my blog? (I mean, we're mostly all girls here!) What came first, the chicken or the egg? Doesn't he look nice in his cozy white t-shirt?
All right, I'm done. ;D


  1. I love the bridesmaid dress! Very pretty! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Really pretty dress! I love that color. Hey shoot on over to my blog if you would like to help me with my gift for my sisters birthday today!!!


  3. I love that dress! The color scheme sounds like it's going to be lively, like a peacock feather! =)

    And no, you are not weird for bringing your Aunt to a party Or for preferring guys with their shirts ON, at least if those thing make you weird, that means I'm weird as well! So at least you have company in your weirdness....and your lack of making up clever post titles! ;-)

  4. Honestly, in a perfect world every guy would be like tebow!! And super cute dress, I bet you look fabulous in it!

  5. I agree with the Tebow with t-shirt thing- it just looks better on him...and it shows off his muscles better too :P

    ~Rachel <3

  6. GAHHHHHH---
    I'm in love.
    I know.
    I have a marvelously wonderful--- perfect boyfriend, and I love him...
    BUT that being said- my secret love? TEBOW. Good lord! If I ever saw him in person I might jump him and start kissing his face! Haha.
    Was that appropriate?

  7. Stealing that pic of Tebow... ::shrugs:: I don't really care about shirt on or off...I just love the fact that it looks like he's in a BARN!!!!!!!!! Tebow turning cowboy?? ;) And gosh, I have so many girlfriends playing dibs on him ;)

    Seriously, girl, you don't fail at clever posts!! Every single one of your posts makes me smile. ::hugs:: love you!

    Ooh! And that purple dress is SO pretty!! Hurray for purple!!


  8. beautiful dress! love the color :)

    And no you are not weird! I really can't stand pictures of guys without shirts. they look so much better with them ON contradictory to popular opinion ;) and Tebow is no exception...

    much love♥

  9. I love the dress, love the pictures, and LOVE that you are a godly woman who is romantic, and yet draws the line somewhere. It encourages me. Thanks <3 Love you darling!


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