Sunday, January 1, 2012

The haps in 2011. and because we all have goals, whether big or small ;)

2011 felt like a big year. Probably because it kinda sorta was.

~my big brother got married! Eeep!

~my cousin got married!
(both weddings of which, I was in.) :P

~I went to the Dominican Republic, and got my first real taste of missions, and of being away from home.

~Oh yeah, I graduated high school. *hallelujah chorus*

~I got the chance to work with my Nana and my future aunt at the bookstore for quite a nice chunk of time!

~Got my first car. It's rough. It's noisy. I love it, and it feels like home ;)

~I officially became a coffee drinker. And a pear eater.

~My fifth little Elv was born!! (My aunt and uncle's last name is Elverson. I call their 5 boys "the little Elves" ;D)

~Speaking of elves, it was my first year of being one in our house, as I was the one who carried nearly all the gifts down the stairs! Thus proving how out of shape I am :/

~This year, my aunt and I made a new friend who is one of the most precious, beautiful, godly women I've ever known; what a blessing she's been in our lives!

~Went on my first women's retreat with our church this year...fantastic!

~Emily broke her leg! While I was in the DR of course. I remember, while I was there, thinking "I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I get home and someone's got a broken arm or leg or something crazy like that." Well, low and behold, I get off the bus and she crutches on over! Thus, I became her chauffeur for the next month. Fun times ;)

~This was the year that we had to let go of our beloved senior pastor, who has retired, and we are still waiting for God to place the right man in our church to be the next pastor. (Though I have a feeling that Pastor Dick will simply always be our family's pastor...)

So much went on this year. It's one of those years that's ending, and I feel...different. Not the same person I was when 2010 ended. Of course I am in so many ways the same, but also, in so many ways, I feel so vastly different.
Ah, there's still so much more growing to do.

~This is my 2011 wrapped up in a single photo. (I was gonna do a bunch for every little blurb but had WAY too much trouble!) From left to right, that's my sister-aunt-friend Emily, me, and my aunt Abby, the one with all the Elves. This was taken at my cousin Steph's wedding. I love this picture soo much. See, it was originally going to be a Lauren and Emily photo, and Abby snuck in without my knowing it, and her hovering over my shoulder felt like a bug hovering over my shoulder (I've no clue how), so I swatted and kinda punched her in the face. Thus, the resulting photo.

Anyways, now to the goals!

Pinned Image

I'm constantly making lists. Lists of "things I'd like to do this month", "books I'm going to read before I read anything else", "things I'm going to do with my kids some day". You name it, I've made a list of it!
So naturally, it just makes sense to have made a list of goals for 2012. Nothing crazy. Nothing (too) vague. All possibilities that very well may get checked off one by one. Which is, in fact, my goal ;)
So, here are the simpler things on my list so far:

~read the Bible cover to cover

~write a lengthy story

~Make my baby blanket (short story: I found really pretty brown and blue yarn. I told my mom I wanted it for Christmas to make a baby blanket. Thus, tada! Christmas gift!)

~Buy "Lady and the Tramp" when it comes out on DVD this year ;D

~Learn to be on time! (50 minutes late to meet someone yesterday, you guys. That is so totally ridiculously unacceptable, it makes me nauseous)

~Post-its in a bathroom! (You know, where you put encouraging post its on a public bathroom mirror, or on the back of the door? Always wanted to do that)

~Take more pictures.

~Write to a soldier.

~Get my wisdom teeth out. (Not a happy goal, but one that is beyond necessary!)

~Turn 19! In two months! (goodness!)

~Actually complete a journal cover to cover

~Ride a horse. ;)

~Pay Mom and Dad back for my car :P

~Learn how to make chicken dip the way Ems does (perfectly!)

~Dance with a handsome stranger in the woods.
...okay, I admit, I was watching Sleeping Beauty when I wrote this. What can I say, it's so romantic!

~Finish the Mark of the Lion series.

~Send a message in a bottle ;)

~Ride in a plane again. (please, please, please?)

~Have a picnic

~Make smores

~Try "schnitzel with noodles" (it is one of Julie Andrews' favorite things!)

~Propose to my boyfriend on February 29th!
...Okay, just kidding. I just recently saw the movie "Leap Year" with Amy Adams, and considering it's a leap year, I had to throw that goal in there ;) Heeehee. (Oh, and no, I have not recently randomly acquired a boyfriend ;D)

~Actually finish at least one of the many to-do lists I make ;D

And thus, a bit of my 2012 to-do list, among all of the other more difficult to reach goals and such ;)

Happy new years, you guys :) I hope everyone's year started out well ;D


  1. What a heartwarming and awesomely lovely post, Lauren! And all of you girls are so pretty <3

    Anyway, thanks for sharing these bits and pieces of your life :]

  2. Awesome!! I loved seeing the picture of you! I don't think I've ever seen one of you before ;) SO cute! :)))
    BTW, this is Alli =) I changed my blog/name in order to keep a little more private ;)

    ♥"Shamarah" ;)

  3. Awesome! Lovely lovely lovely. Love that C.S Lewis quote.

  4. I love the story behind the picture of you ;) sounds like something that would happen to me as well.
    *sighs* I've got my fingers crossed that, someday, I'll find a guy who's willing to fly me to Ireland just to propose to me. *shrugs* We'll see ;)


  5. I love your list! How was Leap Year? I've been wanting to see it for like, years now.:P

  6. You guys look like you are having so much fun! What a beautiful color those dresses are, you all look lovely!



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