Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have you prayed for Tim today?

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Maybe you're tired of hearing about Tim Tebow. I know his name has been thrown around non stop lately. In fact, I read somewhere that his name has been mentioned either in writing or on television over a million times just this past week. And some people I know are bashing him because he's been given so much attention.
When I first "encountered" Tim Tebow, it started out with "Wow. He's snazzy...and cute!" End. But as I've gotten to "know" him recently, I've developed such a high level of respect and admiration for him, and I don't feel like he's this incredibly famous guy; I almost feel like I know him. Does that make sense? Probably not. Either way, even not personally knowing him, he's already been such a blessing to me, and I'm so thankful for him. Tim Tebow is a genuinely good man. He means what he says. His life reflects what he stands for. I've learned that he is so much more than a football player; the way he puts it, that's simply his platform for sharing Jesus, for making a difference...and boy, does he. There's a lot we can learn from Tim...there's a lot I can learn from Tim, and already have. And when I hear someone say that they "hate" him because he's "overhyped", I just can't believe it. I just can't believe anyone could say anything critical about him, especially someone who calls themselves a believer. Now I'm not saying that if you don't like him, you can't possibly be a believer...I'm just saying that what he's doing is what is asked of him. What is asked of us. Sharing the gospel, and the love of Jesus. Tim Tebow is my brother in Christ, and yours! A Facebook friend of mine put up an awesome status:
"Don't just cheer for Tim Tebow...pray for him. Pray that he would be delivered from temptation. He has set a wonderful example of living out his faith in Jesus. The cynics would love to see him fall. Even if he never won another football game, a scandal would be front page headlines. He'd be the first to tell you that he is a sinner, and continues to make mistakes, but let's pray that he would flee from all the temptations of fame and fortune, so that his witness for God would not be tainted."

So among all of your prayers, remember to keep Tim in that list too. He's becoming a bit of a spokesman for Jesus (as we all should be), and as my friend said, the cynics would love to see him fall. Well, all I know is that we've got an awesome God who listens to our prayers...
Have you prayed for Tim today?

Along the Tim Tebow lines...this touched my heart.

"A man never stands so tall as when he bends down to help a child."


  1. "A man never stands so tall as when he bends down to help a child."
    Well, God, we lift up Tim Tebow and we call him blessed to be a blessing. And, he already is. Lovely, darling. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. so true Tim does need the prayers of follow believers, especially now that so many people want to see him stumble or fail. Tim truly is a light for Christ in a dark world.

  3. That video was so sweet.:) You can really tell that he is genuinely a wonderful person.

  4. Awesome post, Lauren! That movie made me cry - it's so awesome to see Tim be an example of what it means to reach out to other people and that he's not in the spotlight for himself, but for Christ.

    Good luck to the Broncos on Saturday! Go orange and navy! :P

  5. Great post friend! I'm guilty of saying, "I'm tired of hearing about Tim Tebow." I'm not hating on him though. I needed this post ;) so thank you!

    in reply to your comment on my tumblr post-- Jack Sparrow has a way about him for sure ;)

    much love♥


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