Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where the Bible comes to life! And then some ;)

Last night, my Nana, aunt Emily and I got to see the most amazing musical ever. Okay, well, one of the most amazing musicals ever. :) We went to the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA, which is just the coolest place! First of all, the theater is ginormous (there are three stages: the one in front of you, and one on each side). Second of all, they use live animals; for example: my Nana was in the aisle seat, and we were all a little bit surprised when a camel strolled down the aisle next to her. But apparently, that's the norm for this theater! Now, best of all: this theater brings the Bible to life. Thus, their slogan "Where the Bible comes to life!" ;) Each musical is a story from the Bible...they've done Noah, the Christmas story, Daniel, the Creation story, and their next new show premiering in 2012 is Jonah! We saw the story of Joseph, and goodness my gracious, it was spectacular (I mean, Joseph flies out over the audience at one point! Awesome? Uh, yeah!).
I think what makes the productions special is that each person involved is involved to glorify God. When Joseph passionately spoke of God, you could tell that it wasn't just lines. You could feel the actor's passion and belief in what he was saying, and that was simply awesome. Another thing is that at the end, after the finale scene, the actors did not come back out on stage, as one usually sees in theatrical productions...they didn't come back out, because they didn't want to be praised. Talk about refreshing in this world where fame, glory, recognition, are what so many people strive for!
These productions are definitely worth seeing...technically I saw the Christmas story there too, but I was so little I don't remember it! ;) My family's seen several shows though, and all of them have been wonderful. So if you ever get the chance to visit Lancaster, PA or Branson, MO (they just opened a theater there!) go see a show! You won't regret it ;)

My Christmas shopping is nearly done!! Isn't Christmas wonderful?? I just need a few more little things for my sister, some specific items for my mom, dad, nana, aunt...See, in our family, celebrating Christmas is a big thing. My Nana has a passion for Christmas...her house is decked out all year round (no Christmas tree year round though), Christmas music year round, presents are way overdone, Christmas parties, Christmas food, Christmas fun! Anyways, she's rubbed off on me. I mean, October's just begun and I'm almost done with my shopping. Sigh. I love Christmas. :)

I love my home. I really, really do. We went away this weekend to Lancaster (like I said), and it was lovely, but there's just nothing like coming home. Our tiny little town is so familiar and's not quite Stars Hollow, but it's pretty cozy. My family's here, and it's home. I suppose someday I'll have a new "home", but for now, I'm quite content :)
I have to say though, 5 and a half hour car rides can be interesting. I read for the first two hours...what did I read, you ask? "For Young Men Only", of course. *snicker*. No, really, though. A (girl) friend of mine told me it was a good thing to read...we'd both read "For Young Women Only", and I liked it, so I've started reading its opposite. It's quite interesting, considering it's insight into a young woman's mind...and everything is correct! It's amusing, analyzing my own behavior ;)

Anyways. My weekend (so far) has been lovely. Hopefully it ends well! :)
Good night, lovelies! :D


  1. wow that sounds like an amazing exsperiance! i wish i could go there :) it would be so much fun! your life sounds like a blast over there in PA :)



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