Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why, no, my thought processes don't often flow together very well.

~So I've gone from having practically no job, to three jobs. Whooosh. We'll see how it goes! I'm officially a seller of Yankee candles, yummy chocolatey gift set-like things, and maternity clothes. Woot woot! Quite a combination there...I'm already thinking though that I'll have to learn how to de-stress myself... I get stressed out a little too easily. And something that I'm really starting to dislike about myself is that I always end up crying when I'm stressed out. Of course, this is always with my mother around...I'm pretty sure she's been thinking that I've been going crazy for the past year or two. Oh well. I'm not ;) (or am I?)

~Have you ever had a relationship that you wished so badly you could save, but it's so far gone that it seems impossible, and you can't even think of where to begin? And you wonder, wonder, wonder...what it all meant, what could have been, why God let that person walk into your life in the first place...if you'll ever be able to stop caring. My heart gets tired sometimes.

~I don't understand why my boot socks always get holes in them. It's probably because they're my favorites, and they know it, so they're just out to get me.

~I'm hungry for my Nana's Christmas sugar cookies. I guess I'll only have to wait a few more months ;)

Dear God,
Please bring me a Noah Calhoun who treasures me and loves me more than is imaginable, who would jump onto a moving ferris wheel to talk to me, who would write me 365 letters without ever getting a reply (I would never knowingly not reply though), who would help me remember who I am when I've lost it, and who would never leave my side, even when life is so unbearably difficult. That's a man well worth waiting for.
Love, Lauren


  1. aw. you're so adorable, lauren. love all the photos you use and everything. any who, i'll be praying for you and just so you know, i LOVE yankee candles :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I just watched The Notebook the other night for the first time! It's cute.
    Haha, that part about the maternity clothes seemed so random for a second there!

  3. i end up crying when i'm stressed out, too, girl! i hold it all in and then one piddly thing happens and i just bawl. and bawl and bawl.....

    and i loved that letter you wrote! says exactly what i've been thinking/praying lately.

    love ya!
    anna :)

  4. Aw, cute picture! And ditto to your prayer ♥
    ♥Alli =)

  5. Oh my God. Lord, please give me Noah Calhoun instead. Hehe...

  6. I cry when I'm stressed too. Scratch that; I cry all the time! You are not alone. ;)


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