Monday, October 17, 2011

~Do you know of this guy? His voice is pure bliss. Like the Hershey's chocolates. But not. I love it. *sigh*

~54 episodes of Heroes in a week (I know, I know. It's disgusting). I've been consistently dreaming about it because it's been what I've been watching before bed...whoo. I had a dream the other night that I was flying, but it was so ridiculously realistic, that when I woke up I was a bit depressed. Like, "aww man. I can't actually fly. Dagnabbit." I love this show. It's just so epic. Like, oh my gosh. It's so not like a TV show. It's more like a miniseries or a really long movie series...and have I mentioned that I really enjoy Milo Ventimiglia? :)
Except that in some ways, he reminds me of my brother. I don't know how I feel about this.

~So I had a job interview today at a maternity store (fun fun!) that will actually give me more than 4 hours a week!! Thus, I shall no longer be able to watch 54 hours of TV a week (which is a very good thing!). It went okay. I don't know about it. We'll see. But I have another interview tomorrow. It's at a place I applied at two months ago, and the day I scheduled the interview at the maternity place (Friday), this other store called to set up an interview! So, I'm thinking "hey hey!" It may be meant to be, since the maternity place didn't really catch me. We'll see!!
By the way, that picture made me laugh out loud. One day, I woke up in a vicious mood, baked a cake, and immediately felt wonderful for days. Woo hoo!

~I almost forgot!! My mom joined a water aerobics class, and has me going with her. It's so great. :) We started today, and it was a little bit hilarious, me and her and about 20 little old ladies. Hehehe!!! Oh gosh, I couldn't stop smiling. It was fun though!

Do it. Take 30 seconds. Watch. Be changed!!!

Go, kittens...go and be merry!! :D


  1. ok i have a weakness for guys who can sing lol and that guy can sing! amazing, thanks for sharing :)


  2. I've heard that guy sing before - he's really good!
    Love the desserts photo:)

  3. Haha Love the cake picture!! And water aerobics? Fun! Sign me up! lol

  4. Wooowwwww...... interesting dairy queen thing...
    LOL Have you ever been to a Culvers? Their frozen custard is THE BEST ever. Way better than ice cream!

  5. haha, water aerobics sounds great! *laughs* i would totally do that!!!!

  6. good luck on your job!!
    I personally prefer Sam's version of that song to the original....his voice has so much power and feeling.

    that picture made my day ;)

    love always,

  7. I *adore* his voice! It's stunning!!!!

  8. Love your blog Lauren!! I was wondering where you get all your awesome photos that you post on here - Google, Pinterest, Photobucket...

  9. Rachel, I actually get all of my pictures from! I should probably write that somewhere on here ;P


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