Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brrr, oooh la la, courage!, yay music, kitty, smolderrrr, chicken. (This post in 10 words or less ;)

~For the past two nights, I've been able to see my breath. It makes me happy because it means I'm not crazy for wearing gloves!

~I finally finished Heroes last night. And it was awesome. First, because I'm finally done, and you guys no longer have to hear about it. Second, because it was the best series finale I've ever seen, even though the show was cancelled and therefore supposedly ended abruptly. I didn't find it too abrupt. In fact, I found it to be very fulfilling, which seems so rare with endings. I was happy :) On a side note: I couldn't help but develop a little crush on the villain. I mean, he was a good guy who just went so wrong, ya know? And he was nerdy (sometimes), cute, dark, tall, and handsome...*sigh*. I'll miss him. I'll just have to go watch him in Star Trek ;)

~Now that I'm done with Heroes, I decided to watch Fireproof before I take an official television break. And guess what I realized! The pastor at the end is the lead guy from Courageous!! I had a little fit cause I was so excited :D

~Casting Crowns' new CD came out this week, and it is so ridiculously good. I just love them and their lyrics. Every song has such a powerful message...This one's my current favorite from the CD! You should listen to it. It's so beautiful. :)

~Earlier this week, I discovered "Nyan Cat" on my phone. Such a fun waste of time. Such a pointless waste of time...I should really get my priorities straight. :/

~Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll go to, and read movie reviews for movies I'm curious about and just don't feel like watching. Well, there's that new Taylor Lautner movie out, called "Abducted" and I don't really want to see it. But I was curious. And whoever wrote the review made my day with this sentence: "Nathan suddenly has that sinking feeling that there may be something more going on here, something that even his smolder can't solve. (italics mine)" My gosh. That's grand. And I'd say that picture above is a smolder, eh? *giggle*

Hehehee!!! But really. I love you guys, ya know. Thanks for sticking around my silly little blog, and leaving me sweet comments; they always make me smile!

Now, go enjoy your chicken :D

(PS: Yeah, I'm not sure about that sudden blue bar that's appeared behind my words...huh. Strange.)


  1. zachary quinto? isn't he just so beautiful? the perfect spock. the most amazing, hallelujah spock. he makes me jump up and down with excitement. he's so pretty. anyway, taylor lautner's "smolder" makes me gag. pardon me, but it's true. loved this post, and don't mind if i do take that chicken! :P ;) :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Haha thanks for the chicken! I was watching heros a while back, but then I got glued on Lost. Now I'm hooked on Greys anatomy and The hills. Maybe one day I'll begin it again!

  3. I can't wait to get my greedy little fingers on that new CC CD!

  4. I don't want to see Abduction, but I do want to know the story.. Like who are his parents, why was he abducted... ect. But I don't like Taylor Lautner, so I wont watch it.

  5. Eww! WHO is that guy? "Taylor"? He looks like he thinks he's all great and hot stuff, ya know?
    Ah, well. We're all intitled to our own opinion! :) lol
    God bless!
    xoxo ♥Alli

  6. Haha! The Smoulder!! And thank you for that box of chicken. I prefer eye food to real food a lot of the time (sadly enough). ;P

  7. love it!! Where do you get your pics?

    ~Rachel <3

  8. Ooh! I could see my breath this morning! I was so happy.:)

  9. this chicken is so good! thank your so much lol ;p i love your blog girl! totally agree with you on..... most, no wait, on everything lol :}



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