Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Mother's Hope

The sky has burst into a million vibrant colors, as the sun departs, and nighttime draws in. It is a beautiful sight that sets a feeling of awe into anyone who takes it in...So glorious, a little hint of what God is capable of.

Yet there, on the lush green hillside, sits a young woman whose tears distract her from the beauty before her. She's come out here to be alone; to get away from the noise of life. But with the absence of noise has come the overwhelming pain...thoughts of her baby girl flood her mind: images of her chocolate brown eyes, her tiny hands and feet; the sound of her first cry; the months of holding her inside of her belly, feeling her hiccup and kick!

The young woman holds her head in her hands, the tears streaming between her fingers...I just want my little girl here in my arms.

Up in Heaven, there's a little girl sitting on a beautiful man's lap. He bounces her on his knee, and she giggles hysterically. But suddenly, a look of worry comes over her angelic face. "Jesus, why is my Mommy so sad?" she asks him, her voice full of concern. "Well," he begins in a gentle voice, "she misses you, and sometimes wishes that you were with her, instead of here with me."

The girl's eyes grow wide. "But I love it here!! It's so pretty, and there are other little kids to play with, and you're here!!" she says, with a tone that conveys that she believes that this is the obvious answer.

"I know that," he says, "and your mommy knows that too. It's just that there are some days where she feels sad that she's not getting to celebrate your birthdays, see you grow up, or even just hold you in her arms!", he squeezes her tight to him, forcing another fit of giggles out of the girl. After she's settled, he looks into her brown eyes, a warm smile on his face.

"But Mommy's going to see me again! Daddy too! Oh, I can't wait until they're here with us!!" she hops off of his lap, and dances around, throwing her arms in the air in excitement. Abruptly she stops, and looks up into his kind face. "But, I wish Mommy realized that more. Then she would never have to be sad! Because I'm right here, waiting for her and Daddy! I don't want her to cry...I didn't go far."

Back down on that green hillside, the young woman lifts her head, the tears coming to a sudden stop. She looks around her, but finds that she's alone; that's funny. She could've sworn she heard a little girl's voice, right next to her.

A blanket of peace now surrounds her...she's surprised at it. Just a moment ago, she had been so upset, so brought down...but it's as if an angel had come and whispered encouragement to her soul.

She stands up to walk back to the house, just down the hillside, wiping the tears from her face. As she's walking, a smile lights up her face, for a magnificent image has popped into her head: her little girl being bounced on her Savior's lap.

For Jackie and Lacey

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