Thursday, December 30, 2010

"I mean, that's all any of us wants: to find a nice person to hang out with till we drop dead. That's not a lot to ask!"
-Lorelai Gilmore

Amen, sista friend.
I looove Gilmore Girls. It's pretty much the only good thing on TV ;)


  1. hey now, i love me some saved by the bell ;)

    adore the quote, although i've never watched the show. maybe i'll check it out... :)

    ps - i looovvveee the notebook picture you have of noah and allie on your sidebar *sighs* i got more than a little misty-eyed in that movie.

    anna :)

  2. Ooooh yeah, Saved by the Bell! Yeah, so many of the older shows are so great...but as of newer shows, there just isn't anything all that wonderful anymore :P But yes, I definitely recommend Gilmore Girls! Soo so good!


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