Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Comfort food. :)

When I was little, any time I ate Jell-o I pretended I was Simba, and that the Jell-o was a bug, and I would slurp it up! Mmm mmm good!

How traumatizing.

"This is the night, what a beautiful night, and they call it 'bella notte'!"

Wouldn't it be awesome if dresses for dances and such were still like that today? So elegant!

They're so fluffy!

Second star to the right and straight on till morning!

Phillip is my very favorite prince. Not even Flynn Rider can replace him ;)

May I have them all please??? :D

Disney movies are like a warm fluffy blanket with a delicious mug of hot chocolate, a puppy curled up at your feet, snow gently falling outside, and the smell of yummy yummy food filling the house.
Maybe I'm strange. Oh well :)


  1. That Disney analogy is spot-on! :)

  2. LOVE the Jello bit. So, I know you've been back to blogging for awhile and I've been a bad person in not commenting. Sorry, darling. But I am glad you're back and I enjoy your Disney obsessions. This made my day :))
    -Jocee <3
    {pee ess: I just ADORE Peter Pan...*sigh*...oh...so much.}

  3. no, you're DEFINITELY not a strange person, Lauren. ;)

    sheesh, this post made me oh-so-happy. Thanks for brightening my day, as usual. <3


  4. Omg Philip is my favorite prince too! I always lovedddd sleeping beauty!!

  5. Philip is my favorite too! I adore Sleeping Beauty...

  6. all of those things together sound like the most perfect night! ooo i love that :)


  7. I think I very much want to join you in your snuggly Disney movie watching awesomeness..... (OO)

  8. I love Disney SO much!!! Its so comforting.
    Adn yes that would be incredibly traumatizing. What is your favorite disney movie?

  9. Kerilynn..... Lauren hasn't replied yet, so I will XD

    Beauty and the Beast and probably Sleeping Beauty or The Lion King.... oy.... too hard to choose.....

  10. Abby!! I left her a reply on her blog ;)

    I really should start commenting back on my own blog. I'm just so lazy :(



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