Sunday, September 25, 2011

Because I've got the time.

There are many things on my list of what I'd like my future Mr. to be. One of the items (lower on the list, of course) is that he will let me have a cat. At least for a month or two. Then we can get rid of it. Of course, if he says no, that's okay too. I guess.
(I'm kitty deprived!)

I have these headphones in blue!! They're the bestest headphones I've ever had :)


Ahahahhaa. Gets me every time :'D

Okay, so I watched this movie for the first time in forever yesterday, and my goodness! So beautiful. So precious. So touching. There were tears shed!

I always forget that the phantom is Gerard Butler. Speaking of, did you know that his name is pronounced like "Jarred" where he comes from? I've been calling him Gerard. Like "her card". According to him, that's the irritating American way of saying it.
Oh well! :)

That is the coziest thing I have ever seen.

So I've got this game called "Tap Zoo" on my phone. It's been amusing. You can do all sorts of crazy stuff on it, and not actually be on it for more than ten minutes a day, if even that. I've almost got a polar bear. After that, I'll have every animal.
I'm really glad that I didn't pay for the game, and that I hardly invested any time into it.

If I had any artistic talent, this is what I'd do with it.

My life is boring. I miss my bookstore. I need to go job hunting. Again. My current job is giving me like, 5 hours a week (pointless!). I need a hobby. I want to travel. Traveling costs money. I'd like to go to Ireland. I wouldn't travel internationally by myself...(as if!). So I need to find someone to go to Ireland with me. Or I'd go back to the Dominican Republic. Or I'd go visit our Wednesday night pastor in Africa (he moved there). Our Sunday morning pastor (well, he was our Sunday morning's long story) is vacationing in Paris.
That would be cool.
I'd still like to go to Ireland.
Top of the evenin' to ya.


  1. I'll go travel and do un-boring things with you!!!!!! (OO) *puppy eyes*

  2. haha. i guess this is what i missed about your blog. the picture inspirations! ♥♥♥

  3. I love the bunny photo and the polar bear photo!! Just too cute. Great post, dearie :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Gerard Butler no matter how the heck you say his name=<3333 lol and murderer pic is too funny! :)

  5. okay, so i LOVE reading your posts, just fyi. you're awesome. :)

  6. omigoodness I love all of those pictures! Mmm... Now I feel happy inside.
    btw, that bed is probabo\ly the best! I could just live in there forever, I think....
    And the squirrel is so adorable!! :)
    ♥♥God bless!!! ♥♥Alli :)

  7. You are too cute!! I just love reading your posts! <3

    BTW, where/what movie did you get that quote from on your sidebar? 'What happens if a care comes?...we die'? It sounds/looks familiar, but I can't place it! :D


  8. Raquel, that quote (and it's picture) is actually from The Notebook! It's one of my favorite movie lines; the whole scene in which it's said is just adorable! :)

  9. Ooh I want those headphones! and that squirrel is super cute!


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