Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smiles and frowns, ups and downs ;)

Smiles :)

~Getting to be in my cousin's wedding...such a wonderful experience! First of all, she looked absolutely gorgeous, like something out of a Disney movie! The wedding in itself was too sweet, and in an outdoor ampitheater out in the middle of the woods (it was at a campground). Such a happy day! Not to mention, I felt a bit like a princess all decked out in my bridesmaidness (I felt so bland the next day) ;) Plus, I got to be paired up with quite a handsome groomsman *cough*. He was very tall :)
He has a girlfriend. Figures.

~Speaking of weddings and such, you know what one of my favorite things to see is? Older couples. We had an outdoor service at our church this week, and my aunt and I sat behind an older man and woman, and they were holding hands the entire time, and sneaking glances at each other; it touched my heart. It always does.

~I think my all time favorite movie is "A Little Princess". I've loved it ever since I was little, and love it even more every time I watch it! It's one of those movies that no matter how many times I watch it, I still bawl at the beginning, and in the middle, and at the end ;) If you haven't seen it, you should just go rent it. Now!

~And I know I've posted this before, and you'll probably see it again too! But it makes me smile!!!

Frowns... >:(

~When I was little, my aunt listened to some Enrique Iglesias here and there. ("I can be your hero, baby"??)I loved the guy. I had the biggest crush on him ever; I mean, how could you not? He's got that Spanish mystique, he's positively beautiful, his voice is....*sigh*. So I'm disappointed. Because now, he's all back in the picture, but he's filthy. Seriously. His lyrics are beyond disgusting. What a waste!
*blushes* I should've picked an uglier picture...

That's actually my only current frown that comes to mind; I guess that's a good thing! ;)


  1. Omg weddings...love them! So happy and lovely!! And the cute old couple aw so presh!!

  2. I love "A Little Pricness", it's one of my favorite books and movies!
    I also hate it when singers who were once good get dirty later in their careers..... =(

  3. Oh I love old couples too! I'm bound and determined that my fiance and I will be a loving old couple!!

  4. weddings are so exciting!!! i got to be my sisters-inlaw bridesmaid last year but i didn't get to walk with a cute guy :( i got to walk with my cousin, lol it was pretty funny actually lol

  5. I love these photos Lauren! You always post amazing pics! That must be exciting to be in a wedding! Congrats to the newly weds! :) And I have that movie, I agree, it's really good! It makes me cry every time too!

  6. So.... it's been foreverz since I commented on your blog. Or *anyones* blog for that matter, haha... *sheepish* But there's been a lot going on in my life (good bad and ugly) and I've had to cut back on blog time and I've missed you and have been praying regularly. ANYHOW! Seriously about Enrique? He's so... classically smooth! What a shame. :P

    love you. :)


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