Monday, July 11, 2011

My life, as of late ;)

~I've finally learned that it's actually fun to start reading the dozens of books I've bought over the last few months! It's got this rewarding feeling to it ;D
But uh, that doesn't mean I've stopped buying books...*cough*

~On that note, The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks is so.o.o good. I pretty much looved it! Plus, any book with a spiffy, lovable German Shepherd in it is automatically good ;)
I just adore Nicholas Sparks. He just...I just...ya know? He just gets it. *sigh*

~My current anxiety in life: I haven't tried on my bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding in a while. I worry.
~As a graduation present, my favorite (hehehe) coworker got me a glass with all of the Disney princesses on it!! I felt so loved! :')

~My little sister won 3 fish (they all came together) at our church's VBS carnival last night. In roughly 24 hours, 2 are dead, and only one remains. That's a little traumatizing, eh?

~So I'm sure someone will end up being bummed by this...but I'm not going to blog about my trip to the Dominican. At least, not yet. I've been home two weeks, and I'm definitely still learning and processing; I just know that I already desperately want to go back, and that if I could, I'd hop on a plane tomorrow with no hesitation. By the way, that picture is NOT mine, it was taken by my friend Allison, and it's the view from the balcony of where we were staying.
Oh, AND I touched a tarantula! (If you know me, that is WAY out of character). It was sooo neat! It was like, furry. Oh, it was great.

And this just made me laugh out loud :D

Dios te bendiga, mis amigos ;)


  1. I ate a tarantula's leg once. It was like, furry.

  2. I'm so sorry about your sister's fish.:( Hope the other little one makes it!
    WHOA! You touched a TARANTULA? That is wicked cool...I don't know if I would ever have the gumption to do it though.:P

  3. Ha. Last picture is so hilarious!!! I am going to nicaragua this Weekend for 12 days!

  4. Whaaaaaaat?!!!!!
    Hahahaha! I love that Jack Sparrow picture! Haha!

    how are you, dear?♥

  5. :))))) I missed you, soul-sister!!!! and there is no such thing as buying too many books. ;)
    I'm glad your trip was so wonderful!!! I get the whole not-posting-for-a-while thing....sometimes, 'tis just better to reflect on experiences in our own hearts.
    that last picture made me laugh really hard.....thanks for making my morning!!!

    loooooove you always,

  6. Ah! I miss you and all your posts! Glad you're back :) Oh btw, the last picture....LOVE IT! Haha!

  7. Yay, you're back! I missed you sooooo much. I was so bored without you!!
    -Jocee <3

  8. *GASP* You are back! Hurray! I missed you!

    ~Jamie Joyce


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