Tuesday, May 15, 2012

That's why her hair's so big. It's full of secrets.

Best. Show. Ever.
"I will always find you!"
Oh, my heart.
Sometimes I wish I could be woken up from an evil curse to find out that I'm really a fairytale princess. Who then immediately finds her long lost prince charming. And then lives happily ever after.

Snow White Apron
So you know those little codes inside of Disney DVD's? Yeah. Not junk!! They're magical little gems, and you should treasure them ;D No, really. Look what's on it's way in the mail (See photo above) thanks to Disney Movie Rewards (remember the magic codes we just talked about??). I'm so excited about this. I'm totally gonna start baking just because of this! ;D

Okay, working at a doctor's office? Oh gosh, I wish I could tell you guys the things that go on. Of course, I can't. But I wish I could. Let me just say, I get some funny stories ;D Too bad I can't share them...Dagnabbit. Oh well.

I'm now pretty sure I'm allergic to cats.
I'm devastated.

Weddings, weddings, weddings. One this week for my friend; that's the one I'm in! Yay?
Then another in a few weeks for my employer's son. I've met him and his fiancee a few times, though don't really know them all that well...but I officially love weddings. And I'll actually be able to sit back and enjoy this one; I'm not in it! Ha! Keep in mind, I've been in 3 weddings in the past 10 months. :o So it'll be nice.

I love spring.
*deep breath of fresh air*
...or summer. Whatever you'd call what we're having.

I don't need a cookie.
I don't.
I really don't.



  1. hey lauren! how are you? lovely post dear! i love these pictures. mean girls the movie is so funny lol

  2. Ah! I love Once upon a Time! Best show ever!

  3. I LOVE Once Upon A Time!!! (Yeah, I'm a guy who loves a fairytale spinoff. Your point??? ;) ) I was so thrilled and a little relieved to find out that it was renewed for a SECOND SEASON!!!

    Anyway, good post. What's it like working in a doctor's office? The people want to know!!! ;) LOL JK

  4. Oh. my. word. I can't believe that the season is ending, but i can't wait for next years. :)

  5. You're telling me - I'm swimming in weddings!

  6. Brian! I know, right? I would've just died if they'd not had a second season! And hey, fairytales have an equal amount of manliness to girliness, so I don't see anything wrong with you loving it!
    And excuse me: working in a doctor's office is a very fascinating job; don't mock! ;D You wouldn't believe the daily drama! If I were allowed to, I'd have an entire blog dedicated to it ;)
    ~Lauren :)


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