Thursday, November 4, 2010

A rant

So last week, I made a realization: things are changing in my life. Subtley, over the past few weeks, things have just become . . . kindof drastically different. So of course, what is my immediate thought? Life changes call for another type of change: a hair change!!!
So of course, I decide to go crazy. Cut off a few inches, go for bangs (I haven't had bangs since I was super little). So for about a week, I beg my mother to take me to get it done. Finally, yesterday morning, we go to the hair salon. I explain to the nice lady what I want done, she seems to think she can do it, and off she goes! I'm super happy, anticipating a fun new hairdo, until I look up into the mirror. And eyes get wide. My jaw drops. My stomach is filled with angry butterflies. Horrific memories of the haircut I had the summer after freshman year fills my mind: short. Short, short, short. She has cut my hair horribly short.
I make a quiet protest; "It's too late!" she says. So, I endure the next 20 minutes of the haircut with a smile, trying extremely hard not to upset the hairdresser.
Later on, we get home, and I mess with my hair, styling it as best as it can be styled...and the tears start coming. My goodness, the tears. It was ridiculous. I kept on thinking "It looks like I got gum in my hair and had to chop it all off!!"
All the while, through the tears, I keep thinking "You're being ridiculous. It's just HAIR. Not to mention, you're being totally vain..." Well, that's a humbling thought! And true. I mean, I was seriously crying about a bad haircut?
Well, yes. Yes, I was. But I learned something: headbands and a positive attitude can fix just about anything. :) Life is so much more than a bad haircut...

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