Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day One

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now:
1. You will never be anything less than beautiful to me.
2. I so badly wish that you would realize that He is ALL we need.
3. There are days where I wish we were still friends...but then I remember how different we are, and how my life has changed so much for the better, and that going back would do no good.
4. I'm really afraid I screwed things up with us. Which is so crappy, because we could've been great.
5. Thank you for letting me be me; for letting me make my own choices; for letting me follow His plan for my life with your blessing. That means SO much
6. You're my best friend. We share the same thoughts, the same laughs, the same tears, heck, I'm pretty sure we're just like, the same person. Thanks for always being here.
7. You were always my hero growing up. Now I realize that you're not what I thought you were...which is so disappointing.
8. I try so hard to be patient; I'm always here for you. But every once in a while, it'd be nice if you could be here for me too.
9. You are so inspiring.
10. Thank You for always being there to pick me up when I fall, even when I least deserve it. I cannot wait for the day when I'll see You face to face :)

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