Monday, December 17, 2012

Who is this stranger stopping in???

Yes, yes, Peter, I will!

Closer and closer, every day.
More than enchanted.

All the time. For peppermint patties.

I'd like to sing at the Bluebird with Gunner, pretty please.

Will this ever get old?

PS....I love you.

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Is there anything more perfect?

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Thank you for this, Mr. Rogers.

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Pretty please??
What? Could this really be? Is Lauren really back on her blog after almost 5 months??
Hehee. Hey guys! It's been an insanely long time. Obviously. Our laptop kind of gave up and died on us, and our desktop has been down for a while. Blogging on your iPhone doesn't exactly work. And so, I've been away from Blogger for a very long time...And I've missed it! And all of you sweet fellow bloggers!
So this is me popping in to say "howdy-do" and giving a little update. Nothing too crazy has been going on with me lately...As of today, I'm back on crutches for the same ankle sprain I had in March (!). Which if you were around then, you may remember me talking about that ;) Still work, work, working at the doctor's office. Christmas is coming! Woohoo!
Things are going so well at this very moment in time. I know, I know, "things are going well and you were just put in a boot and on crutches for a month??" Yep. :) But I can't disclose my reasons just yet. But when the time is right, you'll all get to hear about it. :D
I miss you guys, I love you guys. I hope all is well!
And merry week before Christmas!!! :D


  1. Great to have you back! :) Can't wait for more updates <3

  2. HIIII! I was super excited to see your blog in my reader! Love your posts and this one is no exception!
    Hope your ankle gets better soon! =)

  3. I have been hoping and hoping that you were still here! i've missed your posts :) hope you "feel better" soon and Merry Christmas!

  4. I am so, so, SO happy you're backkkkk!!!!!!!

    Okay, I will be honest...I almost, almost, almost unfollowed your blog a few weeks ago, but I was like 'dang...she's probably just super busy...she WILL get back on soon!!' And you did!! ^_^ So happy.

    Merry Christmas!!


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