Monday, July 16, 2012

frazzled and sleepy.

My life. Currently consisting of...

acquiring a few new followers?? Well, hello there friends! Glad you're joining the audience of my scattered thoughts (that often times don't make the best of sense). Enjoy ;D

running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Ladies and gentlemen, that's what happens when your alarm doesn't go off, and you wake up at 8:52 when you need to be at work at 9:30 and you're me, who normally has to get up at (at least) 7:45 in order to be on time for work. Oy vey.

Nicholas Sparks: will that man ever stop making me cry?

Car shopping. Way more stressful than I ever thought it would be. And it messes with my emotions. Am I completely overjoyed that I'll be moving on from my junky little car that makes all of its scary noises and doesn't like to go above 50 mph? Or am I sad that I'll be getting rid of my cute, cozy, steady little pal who only ever took care of me?
Ooooh I can hardly stand the emotions!
I'm such a girl.

being asked by my boss to housesit while he and his family are on vacation. AKA Lauren gets to practically live on her own in a ginormous house that's 2 minutes away from work for a week. Give or take a few dogs and cats. Score!

Sunburn. Lemme hear ya say "Owww".

realizing that when it's time to let go, it's time to let go. I once saw this picture ^^^ and it comes to mind now. Because boy do I know it. Sometimes it's just NOT worth it. It really isn't. And I've realized, it's not always best to reach out to old friends. Unfortunately. I wish it didn't have to be that way...

"with great hair comes great responsibility."
Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but...
Andrew Garfield > Tobey Maguire.
Le gasp.
New Spidey beats old Spidey?
How can it be so??

And thus, with a hug and kiss, and a sporadic update on my goings on, I bid thee adieu.
Good night lovely chickadees. Learn from my mistakes and make sure your alarm is actually set before you go to sleep tonight. I know I will!



  1. Hello,
    I've never been to your blog before, but it is lovely. I thought that I'd just leave a comment to tell you that this post made me smile a lot.

    Love n smiles,

  2. okay, Lauren... that spiderman guy is reallllyyyy UGLY! ya know that, right?? ;)
    have you seen the movie "big miracle"? It has a really cool actor that i know you like... john somethingorother. Anyway, it was pretty good, and it was the first movie I'd ever seen him in!

    <3 Shamarah aka Alli

  3. Andrew Garfield = amazing. Plus his hair is completely incredible.

  4. lskdjgfkljhldskfjg;lawiruopqifhkjslckjh ANDREW GARFIELD sdlkgjhlkjlsdkgsakfsd!!!! ~dies~
    Some friends of mine dragged me to see Spiderman. I was all like "nooo, I don't want to see some stupid superhero film!" Then he appeared. It shut me up...

  5. When are ya going to post again girly? It's been forever!

  6. There is a tag waiting for you over at my blog if you're interested! =)

    And Nicholas Sparks too, no matter what!! mohohoho.... <3

  8. Yeah the Amazing Spiderman is Awesome!! I agree with you on so many things lol


  9. You need to post!! I miss reading them!


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