Friday, August 12, 2011

Concerning Hobbits.

My week in ten words or less:

~The ouch and the headaches go together of course ;) I think it's the transitioning back and forth from the air conditioning at work to the hotness outside. Instant headache, ya know? Gah.

~So the other day, I woke up super grumpy. It was dreadful. So I cleaned, and I really really wanted to bake something. So I went across the street, and raided my Nana's cupboards and got the items to make the yummiest chocolate cake ever. (I definitely prefer white icing on chocolate cake to chocolate icing on chocolate cake...yuck!) I was instantly happier, and my gleefulness has lasted about 3 straight days now! How lovely!
On a side note, it's times like these when it's awesome that I live with my 6-person family...cause otherwise, I'd have eaten that cake all to myself ;)

~My bookstore is closing. Already. It's part of a mall that is ridiculous, and must have a hundred clothing stores...wait, I'mma go look it up.
Okay. 71 clothing stores (egads) and 18 shoe stores.
1 bookstore. That will be gone in the next 3 weeks. Because it's getting replaced with another clothing store. Ay ay ay.
Anyways, since we're closing, everything is 50% Miss Lauren here's been buying lots and lots of books...Sigh. Ya know my worst new habit? "Someday, I'll have kids, and so I'm getting this adorable (and cheap) children's book for my own future children!!! And if I don't have kids for whatever reason, I'll give the books to my nieces and nephews!"
I have a sickness.
I'm sad though. I actually really really like my job. I honestly enjoy each and every person I work with...they're all kindred spirits. Plus, it never hurts to surround yourself with books ;)

~I've finally reached that age where I'm officially no longer "one of the kids". Example: my parents went out without me today, and took my two younger siblings, and I practically wasn't even invited since they didn't even have room for me on their outing! I did have to work today, but still. Sigh. So here I sit, watching Lord of the Rings again. Lucky me, I get to chill downstairs on the super comfy couch with the ginormous tv ;) I wish I had a kitten to sit on my lap...

~On a total side note, I just finished this book called "Dream Factory". It was pretty much terribly written, and a little bit *cough* stupid, yet I kinda loved it. Guess why! The entire book takes place in Disney World (Disney Land? I don't know the difference), and the characters are teenagers who are temporarily hired to play the Disney characters. The two main characters of the book play Cinderella and Dale (as in Chip and Dale?). Isn't that spiffy?? Anyways, it's totally awesome, because throughout the whole book, they talk about how Robin Hood just walked by, and they're chilling in the Swiss family treehouse and such. It was just cool!

~I love Aragorn. With like, a whole half of my heart.
Ya know, this girl at school once told me I reminded her of a Lord of the Rings elf...Cause I'm just sooo serene and wise! Pfft not. She didn't actually say that...I was being sarcastic. But she did tell me I reminded her of one...I still think that's weird.
I think I'mma have to turn this movie off. It's actually a bit scary when you're sitting all by yourself in the dark, watching it... :o

~My big brother's getting married a week from tomorrow. It's so odd. I mean, just yesterday, we were teeny tiny, and the very best of friends. Now he's getting married. I mean, he's old enough to get married. Sometimes, that's what hits me. You know, in the book "Where the Heart is", there's a part where the main character, Novalee, says to her friend Forney, something along the lines of "Don't you feel like you're just a little kid playing an adult?" Like, sometimes it hits me as I'm driving home from work, or being in my cousin's wedding, driving to the bank, stuff like's like, I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm at that age where some parents tell their kids to move on out! (I'm happy my parents aren't included in that.)
Yeah, my mind is just like blah today. I don't even know if that made any sense, but I'm givin' up.

~You know how people always say, "Stop living in the past" and such? Well, I think my problem is that my mind is always "in" the future. Like Rapunzel, I can't help but think "when will my life begin?" Gosh, I'm so dramatic. I'm only 18. I need to get over myself.

~I FINALLY got to see Soul Surfer this week....myyy goodness. I loved that movie. It was beyond amazing. It was such an emotional movie...I'd love to watch it again. I tried to watch it with my little brother and little sister...Bella gave up on it as soon as the shark part came up though. *rolls eyes* I mean, she knew it was going to happen! Silly girl.

~I sometimes wonder what life would be like without headaches. Seriously. I've had probably at least 2, 3 headaches a week since I was little. How fascinating it'd be to go a month without one...

Okay. I've officially gotta go. Adios, mis amigos! :D


  1. Oy! You watched Lord of the Rings again without inviting me over! *pouts*


    Anyway, this post made me life, darling. Your cheerfulness and, I dunno, just you rubs off on me :D

    Love ya! <3

  2. Hey girlfriend!

    Aw, I always love your posts. :) T hey make me smile :)

    Aw, I'm sorry your bookstore is closing :( ::sniff:: That's sad! Well...maybe - since you're getting discounts on stuff, you should have a book giveaway ;) heehee just a sug!

    Oh my word!! I am SO with you on Aragorn. I love that guy. <3 heehee You know, I actually had a...well, I don't want to call it a debate. Let's say a 'discussion', with a guy who reads my blog and he was like saying how bad Narnia and LOTR is. I was like...'uh...okay...??' haha My feathers got a little ruffled, but, I didn't let it bug me too much. :P haha

    AW!!! You'll have to post pics of your brother's wedding!! :) I can't imagine when my big bro marries...that will be SO hard for me!! Hopefully, though, I'll be married before him, so I'll have my hubby to turn to in grief. :( haha

    ooh! Did you know about the Tangled blog event? You should join in, girlie!!

    I STILL need to see Soul-Surfer. I've heard some negative stuff about it, but...mostly good, so maybe I could see it soon. :)


  3. Sounds like you've been having yourself a time!
    The difference in Disney World and Disney Land is:
    1. I've been to Disney World and I haven't been to Disney World - Lol :)
    Ok, so that's no the technical difference, but thats not the point :D
    Nice to hear from ya Miss Elf ;)

  4. Aragorn is pretty awesome but I'm a big Legolas fan. :)

  5. Soul Surfer ROCKED in every way!!!!!! i loved it so much, it's now my favorite movie!!
    You know your life kind of sounds like mine sometimes.It's crazy :) Anyways i love this post!


  6. Ooh I want to see Soul Surfer so bad! Congratulations to your brother, that's so exciting that he's getting married!

  7. I want to see Soul Surfer so bad, it's such an inspiring story!

  8. ugh, bookstores closing....I love the cheap prices, but I hate the thought of the stores closing. :( what books have you bought?

    Ha, I KNEW we were soul-sisters....*swoons* Aragorn is amazing! Though, I'm rather partial to the books, he's simply amazing. *girly laugh* yeah, I'm a sucker for all things LOTR. :DDDDD

    tell your brother I said congrats! no one in my family has gotten married yet, so you'll have to give me some pointers on how to act. ;)

    love you, Lauren!!!

  9. Love that library pic! Though the umbrella kinda confuses me! :) I saw Soul Surfer when it was in theaters, I want to see it again!

  10. 1. I love that time when i'm home by myself! :)

    2. Aragorn is awesome. he's a cool dude. enough said.

    3. I've heard good things about Soul Surfer and now that you said it was good I want to see it :)

    4. I'm RIGHT THERE WITH YOU ON THE HEADACHE DEAL. I have a headache most of the time. long story. but I can't imagine a day without a headache. i'll be praying for you :)



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