Sunday, June 5, 2011

Water for Elephants: a short and vague review :|

Just finished watching Water For Elephants….

my feelings:



I left the theater in hysterics. Okay, while still in the theater, I got a bit hysterical.

First of all, after the movie ended, I just sat there, stunned. Then, I looked over at Emily, who was with me, and began laughing. Ridiculously. Like, the kind of laughter that doesn't even make any sound at all because you can't breathe. But then, amidst the laughter, I started sobbing! Then I'd go back to laughing, then back to was an intense moment. And kindof awkward, since I was still in the movie theater. But I was surrounded by women, so I think they got me ;) It was definitely awkward walking out though, considering my issues had not yet been resolved...*cough*

Oh, yeah, the laughter wasn't because the movie was funny. It was because the movie was so traumatizing...and I'm the kind of person who, when something is just so horrible, and I have no other way to react, I'll laugh. It can be inconvenient at times.

Anyways, overall, the movie pulls you in so much that what happens to the characters greatly effects your momentary sanity (or at least mine). In other words, this is an artsy movie. That doesn't mean it's necessarily good. Well made, absolutely. The acting was lovely. But this is not a movie I would see again. There were too many moments that made me cringe (for several different reasons)...and when I left the theater, I felt like I needed to jump off of a bridge.

So positive, eh?

On a side note, Rob Pattinson's pretty awesome when he's not Edward Cullen ;)


  1. I completely understand the "laugh so you won't cry" concept.
    It's just a way to exhale everything.
    I was considering reading the book first, but I'm not sure I even want to see the movie, considering I prefer books anyways.

  2. I love Reese Witherspoon, but I definitely do not like movies that leave you with that kind of emotion.:O

  3. i wanted to see that movie but after i read your review im dazed, (laughing..) anyways thanks for sharring this, it's really interesting!



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