Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sweetie Award!

So Raquel AND Miranda both awarded me "the sweetie award"! Those two are just the sweetest things ;) Plus, this is maybe the cutest award I've ever gotten :D

What's your favorite sweet thing to eat {or drink}?:
Cookie dough blizzards!! Yummmmm :D

Have you ever dreamed that Candyland was a real place?
No....but now I'm thinking about it...ohmygosh, that would be so cool! Like a real life Willy Wonka...

If there was a flavored brand of bubbles, what flavor would you get?
Root beer!

Have you ever been kicked out of a bakery for smelling everything?
No...does that really happen to people?

What's your favorite tea flavor?
I don't drink tea. Ick!

Strawberry or Red Velvet?
Red velvet, I suppose :)

Have you ever poured a jar of sprinkles into your mouth?
Yeah, like Raquel, not a whole jar, haha. But maybe a few...;)

Admit it: you've eaten icing straight of the jar. Yes or no?
Um, absolutely!!!

Have you ever drooled while watching a cooking show?
Naaa. I don't drool.

I now award:
Monica at Fearless


  1. highfive for root beer bubbles!!!! mmm, makes me happy just thinking about them. :D

    looooove always,

  2. Aw thanks girl!! Such a cute award!

  3. Your answers are adorable haha :)

  4. Congrats on getting the award Lauren! And nice answers! Cookie dough blizzard, yum! :)

  5. Hey, thanks girlie! <3 And congrats, sweet girl! :D

  6. awww you are too cute! Congrats on that award.


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