Friday, June 22, 2012

In a world of my own...

Peter Pan would stop by every evening to chat, Thomas O'Malley and Duchess would stroll by in the twilight, Ariel would be having swim parties every weekend, Aurora would be having slumber parties, and Simba and Nala would always be around for cuddles when you're feeling sad.

We'd speak by singing, and everyone would magically know all the words.

Stars Hollow would be a real place, and I'd live there. For sure.

My dogs would never bark for no reason.
Correction: my dogs would never bark for a reason that doesn't matter. In other words, they always have a reason. But most of the time, it's just a silly one :P Like, "Ooooh Tyler's here, and he must be here to kill us!" Tyler's my brother. And I really don't think he's gone that crazy yet.

There would be no fat, no skinny, just...beautiful.

Meeting a stranger in the woods, dancing together, singing together, and falling in love, wouldn't be weird.

Unicorns would be real. I mean, duh.

Raccoons would never have rabies.

Letters would be the big thing. Forget texting and Facebook. Grab a pen and paper and get to it.

The wicked witch of the west would have never been concocted. *shiver*

Everyone would know who their one true love they wouldn't have to worry about all those other guys and girls coming along, tripping them up.

There'd be time to read all of the wonderful books in the world.

I'd have been a dancer.

There'd be no such thing as "bad hair days".

All boys would sing and play the guitar ;)
Okay, maybe not
all boys. Where would be the fun in that?

Fireworks would be a once a week occurrence. Always loud, always booming, always magical.

Cancer is a word that wouldn't exist. Car accidents? Don't be silly, that's a myth.
The past could be looked back upon without pain. Maybe you could stop missing people. Maybe the ache would go away. Maybe it would even all make sense.

...there'd be no sad moments. Only joy, laughter, smiles, and giggles! =)

I'm sure there'd be flaws in a world of my own.
But it'd be nice...for a while ;D


  1. Can I come to your world too??? Because it basically takes away my breath. Maybe heaven will be like this...


  2. If you ever find Stars Hollow you'll have to let me know where it is!
    You should check out Bunheads, it's a show that just started from the creator of Gilmore Girls and the first episode was really good! =)

  3. Ohh...and a lovely world it would be, dear. I totally agree with letter-writing! <3 And do you text? We should get each other's numbers!! Or addresses!! :) <3


  4. I'll join you in your little world. Yes, I think I shall.:)


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